Fresh and different

March 4, 2012

Fresh and different

So, I talk about stories. Stories have been the nature of which humans have communicated ideas through history. It’s like sitting around a campfire and having each person around the campfire tell a story. Each person gets their time in glowing fire to add to it, to share it, or to make their own version of it up, or even, tell a whole new story. The fact the an American Auto company based out of the very conservative corporate silo of Detroit is even attempting to take their brand tell a unique story should be nationally applauded. It tells me that either Detroit is now becoming the new hub for well, new, and even DARING, and that should be applauded. Whether you enjoy, hate or don’t particularly love this new story line happening in a Chevy Dealership should tell you is simple: Somebody in the marketing department at Chevrolet is clearly “Getting it” And whoever the vendors were they hired to make this story become a reality clearly get it, as a matter of fact, I’d say the nailed it. Isn’t this Retail adverting? I don’t know another retail anything that has a dynamic cast of characters that people can relate to, or brand advocates can support, so before everyone jumps onto the band wagon of, “Oh, well, this isn’t Thirty Rock, or 24, or Harry Potter, lets remember one thing, this story works on two levels, it’s primary goal is to bring awareness to the Chevy retail experience, that’s why there are deals at the end of the shorter pieces, and the fact that this is happen in itself tell me that GM clearly is turning into the future ways of consumer engagement. Welcome to 2012. We’re happy for you. And those who might not find this series relevant to their lives, that’s ok, it’s not for everyone, but at least it’s an attempt to cut through the status quo of one way yelling, chest pounding sales events that no one wants to watch. Kudos to GM. Keep it going, you’re onto something.


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