I love finding musical gems, occasionally I discover one that is very unique, I’ve discussed this one for his work as a creative and producer of fantastic branding campaigns, but this time it’s about his musical talent! He’s coming out with a new album, “hooker in the hallway” I kove!


New Year Revolution

January 2, 2012

Ok, I think at this point it’s cliche to say “Resolutions” for the new year are for quitters. Lets get serious, well, as serious as we can about a blog about a Revolution. But, really, can’t we decide collectively as a planet…”NO MORE RESOLUTIONS”? Lets start revolutions. Anything, but a resolution. I don’t even know what that really ever meant, a promise to do something for yourself that would make YOURSELF better. Forget YOU and your appearance for a minute, your wish to quit eating chocolate, and start something, anything, a revolution, something you can stamp as yours, something that means something to NOT just YOU, but everyone, but, and here’s the kicker, it will be about YOU in a sense, it will be about you making the WHOLE great than it’s parts. You’ve got ideas, don’t be afraid to sell them, to show them, to share them. If you die tomorrow, GOD FORBID, you’ll be pissed you didn’t take a chance.