And so just what is the perfect art of storytelling? I love a story that can live on its own in separate platforms. A love a story to tell a story using pieces of platforms to connect the whole story. Interaction is the best part story telling, we want to engage with each other as characters and as an audience. Or in my case, run from one side of the brain’s hemisphere’s to the other, diving into my chocolate covered frontal lobe cortex, bobbing and weaving as if I were the Mike Tyson of storytellers, or playing possum like Cashes Clay, making my readers think on their own, or leave them wondering…. Elusive? No. But I think you want to give your audience a full experience allowing them to participate, become part of the story, add their spin to the story…after all, I just start the canvas with tiny blots of texture and color, words that paint pictures and pictures that paint words.

I love a story that lives on its own,  in the individual minds of its audience, like a delicious virus, yes, a virus can be delicious if it’s contagiously woven into your brain, tattooed in beauty and authenticity. Laugh. Feel. Touch. Ponder. Inspire.



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